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GSTN Return e-Filing Portal allows entities and Tax payers to register using PAN and submit CGST, IGST & SGST Returns to GSTN. This software also allows you to make payments for GST Returns using your existing internet banking account.


  • Portal used by GST Return filer to pay for GST Returns
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Paperless electronic records



  • Multiple filing frequency and validate return details
  • Integrate with your current online banking account / credit cards / checks
  • Generates payment receipts and connects to GSTN network

GSTN Challan e-FILING System (for Banks)

GSTN Challan e-Filing System allows you to submit GST Challan / Returns information to GSTN and process response / refunds. This solution can work as a stand-alone solution or as part of your existing CBS / Tax Payment / Accounting / FMS solution.


  • Used by Banks to submit Challans to GSTN
  • Saves cost and time
  • Use standalone or integrate with existing systems



  • Create batch of Challans
  •  Validate Challan batch upon submission
  • Process confirmation, response or refunds
  • Wide range of reports

GSTN Challan PAYMENT System (for return filers)

GST Challan Payment System will be deployed at banks and will allow entities and Tax payers to make GST payment using CGST, IGST & SGST Challans. This software will use the RBI Interface to process payments as well as submit Challan Information to GSTN.


  • Used by Banks to provide service to filers via portal or API
  •  Easily accept filing returns
  • Connect securely with GSTN via RBI interface



  • Create CGST, IGST and SGST Challans for use by tax filers
  • Integrate with your current online banking account / credit cards / checks
  • Create online Challan payment receipts for tax filers
  • Validate Invoice and payments made

GST Interstate Goods Transfer Manager (for State Authorities)

GST Interstate Goods Transfer Manage solution facilitates the introduction of online information input at each check post and thereby eliminating the cumbersome procedure of entry permits/way bills.


  • Used at check-post locations
  • Bar-coded Invoice can be scanned easily
  • Connectivity with GSTN



  • View scanned invoices
  • Validate invoice and payments made to GSTN
  • Ability to amend data and send to GSTN