GST Rules Engine

GST Rules Engine is a highly customizable and modular software that allows you to compute CGST, SGST & IGST. This solution can work as a stand-alone solution or as part of your existing CBS / Tax Payment solution.


GST Computation & Business Rules

About GST

The Goods and services tax is a uniform indirect tax levied on all goods and services produced in the country and all goods and services imported from abroad.

  • Single uniform indirect tax which will treat India as one market
  • Replaces all Central and state indirect taxes like CENVAT, excise, customs, VAT, state excise, etc.
  • Enables a benefit to the economy from a single price of a product across the country & more simplified tax system
  • Ends the long-standing distortions arising out of the differential treatment of the manufacturing and service sectors
  • Enables broadening of the tax base, which will further result in reduction in effective rate of tax